Frequent Asked Questions

What is iF Consulting?
IF Consulting -manages to provide health medical and disablity insurance to expatriates. We serve clients

wherever they reside in Asia/the world with a selection reliable insurers. Efficient web-based service + Personal touch via our country-specialist representatives. IFC was originally established in Vietnam.

When available, we advise on personal lines insurance (car, home, office and factories)

Where are your offices?
Established since 1994 in Vietnam, we have developed a modern Internet based platform, to serve our expatriate clients wherever they relocate. We have offices in Hochiminh, Hanoi, Phnom Penh and country-specialist consultants.
Do you work for me or the insurer?
You are the client, the Insurer is the supplier. As such, you receive our full SNACKā„¢ service [Select. Negotiate. Administrate. Claim. Knowledge]. As Independent advisors, your requirements help us chose from a selection of ‘best suitable’ health cover. If your needs change, we shift your plan when necessary. You can avail of our service as long as you are satisfied or wish to.
How do you get paid?
We do not charge for our services, you pay insurers brochures premium rates. We receive agents commission as long as you are satisfied of our SNACK service and retain us as servicing agent. We have a vested interest in fighting for your interest when dealing with insurers on your behalf.
Do we pay our policy premiums to you?
No. Your health cover contract is with the Insurer and payment is made to them directly.
What happens if IF Consulting stops doing business?
Your insurance contract is established with the selected Insurer. You can appoint any advisor to represent you with the insurer at any time. Our job is to make sure we keep your trust with a high level of service.
What makes IF Consulting different?
There are a number of companies offering similar services to ourselves. We advise our clients the same way we would like to be treated if our roles would be reversed. Insurers have collected large sums of capital, we believe our role if to “use” this capital to secure our clients lifestyle with smart product choice. We owe our growth to client satisfaction and the referrals they entrusted us with.
What if I am not happy with IF Consulting?
I would encourage you to call me, Pascal Ho, founder at +84 903 732 365 or Skype: InsuranceQuestions and discuss your concerns. We are a human company dealing with humans, we understand that mistakes or misunderstanding happen. We always try to find a winning solution.

If we can not satisfy your request, all you need to do is contact your insurer mentioning you wish to terminate your servicing agency with us, any time, no question asked.