Our Partners

We are proud to work in partnership with well-versed, knowledgeable and experienced organisations to help meet our ambition in providing the best health insurance service

Aetna International

Aetna International is one of the industry's largest and most prominent international health insurance providers. By delivering comprehensive health benefits and population health management solutions worldwide, we are committed to helping create a stronger, healthier global community.Aetna continually develops new products and services that will have a positive impact. Aetna:Offer a broad range of insurance and employee benefits products. Were the first national, full-service health insurer to offer a consumer-directed health plan. Continue to lead the way with our full line of consumer-directed health care products. Offer a wide array of programmes and services that help control rising employee benefits costs while striving to improve the quality of health care. These include case management; disease management and patient safety programmes; and integrated medical, dental, pharmaceutical, behavioural health and disability information. Provide members with convenient tools and clear information that can help them make better-informed decisions about their health and protect their finances against health-related risks.

ACS Expatriate Insurance

Specialized in social protection of travellers or people living outside their country of origin, we design insurance offers which suits your needs.
ACS counts around 40 employees and figure prominently among the insurance brokers specialized in international mobility, thanks to its 40 years of experience and its more than 100 000 clients all over the world. ACS offers a variety of different medical insurance solutions for different scenarios, for individuals, families, and groups while living or travelling abroad.

Allianz Care

Our cover provides individuals and families with peace of mind and confidence that their health, well-being and medical expenses will be covered while they live abroad. International health insurance provides comprehensive cover for expats who are living or travelling outside of their home country for an extended period of time, while travel insurance is the best option for holidaymakers or occasional business travellers. Allianz solutions are a unique combination of insurance, service and technology.

Henner Group

The Henner Group is an international pioneer company and leader in the development and management of insurance solutions for individuals, professionals and companies.The Henner Group and its 1,550 employees aim at providing services to 11,000 client companies, as well as healthcare to 2,1 million members and their families on a daily basis. Today, with 17 offices around the world and 1,500 employees based in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa, the Henner Group is present all over the world. This international presence allows Henner to cover 1.6 million people in 200 countries.

Morgan Price

Morgan Price was formed in 1999 to act as a product provider in the international healthcare insurance market.
Morgan Price International Healthcare is what is known as a managing general agent (MGA) or managing general underwriter (MGU) which means we are not an insurer, but we act on behalf of insurers in terms of product design, administration, premium collection and where appropriate claims handling, with an amount of delegated authority from that insurer.
The products we sell are our products and the clients who buy them are our clients. We choose the most appropriate insurer (and other partners such as claims handlers) to provide the best service to our clients, and where they do not then we are able to change them.
Morgan Price International Healthcare Ltd is regulated in the UK by the FCA. It is also a member of the Association of Medical Insurance Providers.
Morgan Price is a reliable, honest, international healthcare company, providing peace of mind with simple and competitive health insurance products. A small team with big company values, we are dedicated to treating our customers as individuals.
How to claim: https://www.morgan-price.com/make-a-claim/
Evolution Health Plan: https://www.morgan-price.com/individual/

MSH Insurance

MSH has been designing and creating health & life insurance solutions for globally mobile citizens for over 45 years, whether they are employees of companies, international organizations or individuals. As a leader in Global Employee Benefits with over 2,000 corporate clients, MSH has very strong track record in business development: +10% of Fortune 500 and +50% of CAC 40 and serves all types of clients: multinationals, IOs & NGOs, midcaps & SMEs.
With 5 main offices and 21 local service offices across the world and additional coverage through our partners, we are able to provide support to you regardless of your location.
First' Expat+: https://www.msh-intl.com/en/europe/individuals/individuals-healthcare-solutions-more-than-a-year.html
RELAIS' EXPAT+ (CFE): https://www.msh-intl.com/en/europe/individuals/individuals-healthcare-solutions-top-up-cfe.html
Start' Expat: https://www.msh-intl.com/en/europe/individuals/individuals-healthcare-solutions-less-than-a-year.html

Pacific Cross Vietnam

Pacific Cross Vietnam brings unique expertise to the insurance industry in Vietnam. We are a leading administrator of health insurance and travel insurance focused on serving the people and businesses of Vietnam and the Southeast Asian region. We are part of the Pacific Cross Group of companies with operating entities in Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. The group brings over 60 years’ experience managing and designing travel and health insurance products to the people who call Asia home.
Pacific Cross Vietnam is the strength behind your insurance thanks to our modern, efficient and transparent policies, our claims payment system, our professionally trained staff and our years of experience in Asia. We are grounded in a vision to be the preferred medical and travel insurance provider of discerning clients in Vietnam. Our competitive advantage is in our design and administration of modern travel and medical insurance plans; plans built for people living and working in Vietnam.
Foundation Series: https://pacificcross.com.vn/en/foundation-series
Master Series: https://pacificcross.com.vn/en/master-series
Health First Series: https://pacificcross.com.vn/en/content_page/8-insurance-plans/3842-health-first-series.html
Bon Voyage: https://pacificcross.com.vn/en/bon-voyage
Travel Flex: https://pacificcross.com.vn/en/travel-flex
Annual Travel: https://pacificcross.com.vn/en/annual-travel
Forms: https://pacificcross.com.vn/en/customer-center-resources-forms-html.html

William Russell (WRL)

Founded by Inez and James Cooper in 1992, William Russell has grown over the last 25 years from a family-run business to a leading supplier of international life, health and income cover, and we now have customers like you in more than 160 countries worldwide. We offer a range of plans that you can take with you as you move, renewing easily each year.
Our customers trust us to deliver straightforward and affordable plans that cover their health, life, and income, wherever they are. Plans that mean you’ll never have to let the unexpected stop you from following your dream. You likely already know that the expat journey follows the road less taken; but it’s a path you need not take alone.
Our health, life, income protection and personal accident plans are underwritten by AWP Health & Life SA, an Allianz group company registered in France. With a William Russell policy in place, wherever you are in the world, you are backed by an established provider.
Direct billing: https://www.william-russell.com/international-health-insurance/hospital-network/
Documents/TOB/forms: https://www.william-russell.com/members/documents/

Bao Viet Insurance

Baoviet was established on 15 January 1965, and is the leading financial-insurance group in Vietnam. It has been accredited as one of the top 25 enterprises in the country by the State Government.The Group is headquartered in Hanoi with a widespread network of more than 134 branches across 63 provinces nationwide. Baoviet was the first insurance company incorporated in Vietnam.
Financial Investment
Life Insurance (about 80 practices)
Non-life Insurance (about 40 practices)
Fund Management
Real Estate
Other businesses
Baoviet has established relations with world-class insurers and reinsurers, including Munich Re, Swiss Re, CCR, Hannover Re, AON, Athur Gallagher and Marsh. This international backing has enabled us to strengthen our offering, diversify our risks and increase our solvency.
Baoviet's heritage and operational framework enables us to cater to the vast and ever-increasing needs of both individuals and organizations; making us a preferred and trusted financial partner in Vietnam.
Bảo hiểm ô tô: https://www.baoviet.com.vn/insurance/Khach-hang-ca-nhan/Bao-hiem-o-to/GeneralLandingPage/33/
Bảo hiểm sức khỏe: https://www.baoviet.com.vn/insurance/Khach-hang-ca-nhan/Bao-hiem-suc-khoe/GeneralLandingPage/32/
Bảo hiểm nhà tư nhân:https://www.baoviet.com.vn/insurance/Khach-hang-ca-nhan/Bao-hiem-nha-tu-nhan/GeneralLandingPage/35/
Bảo hiểm du lịch quốc tế: https://www.baoviet.com.vn/insurance/Khach-hang-ca-nhan/Bao-hiem-du-lich-quoc-te/GeneralLandingPage/34/
Bảo hiểm xe máy: https://www.baoviet.com.vn/insurance/Khach-hang-ca-nhan/Bao-hiem-xe-may/GeneralLandingPage/36/

BTI Insurance

PTI offers customers with a wide range of practical and superior products and services.
PTI provides both individual and institutional customers with over 100 insurance products grouped in four main product categories: Motor Vehicle Insurance, Personal Insurance, Property & Engineering Insurance and Marine Insurance.
PTI currently has 47 member companies and a customer service network consisting of 10,800 post offices across the country.
Empowered by Vietnam Post Corporation’s nationwide post office system, PTI is proud to be a non-life insurer with the largest sales and customer service network in the local market.
MOTOR INSURANCE: https://www.pti.com.vn/en/products/individual-customers/motor-insurance
CAR INSURANCE: https://www.pti.com.vn/en/products/individual-customers/car-insurance
TRAVEL INSURANCE: https://www.pti.com.vn/en/products/individual-customers/travel-insurance
CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE: https://www.pti.com.vn/en/critical-illness-insurance.html
HEALTHCARE INSURANCE: https://www.pti.com.vn/en/healthcare-insurance-%e2%80%93-pti-care.html
PRIVATE HOME INSURANCE: https://www.pti.com.vn/en/private-home-insurance.html
CORPORATE CUSTOMERS: https://www.pti.com.vn/en/products/corporate-customers
Direct billing network: https://www.pti.com.vn/en/about-pti/service-network/direct-billing-network.html
Approved Garages: https://www.pti.com.vn/en/about-pti/service-network/approved-garages.html

PVI Insurance

PVI Holdings, a subsidiary of PetroVietnam, is the leading finance – insurance institution and the only wide-range insurance service provider in the market.
PVI Insurance, a subsidiary of PVI Holdings, operates in non-life insurance sector and has been confirmed its position for years:
The non-life insurer having the largest single market share since 2014; A leading industrial insurer in Vietnam with the largest market shares of Energy, Aviation, Property, Marine and Engineering Insurance sectors.
The only insurer awarded the prestigious and honorary title “Labor Hero” by the national government of Vietnam; Rated financial strength of B++ (Good) by A.M. Best; The only insurer chosen by Lloyd Syndicates as its partner to provide industrial and energy insurance in Vietnam; Is an amalgamation of top regional and international organizations being:
1. PetroVietnam – The premier commercial organization in Vietnam
2. Talanx – A leading finance and insurance group headquartered in the Federal Republic of Germany has been operating since 1903 and is now represented in more than 150 countries
Personal insurance: http://www.baohiempvi.com.vn/individuals-detail/personal-customers/personal-insurance.html
Travel insurance: http://www.baohiempvi.com.vn/individuals-detail/personal-customers/travel-insurance.html
Motor vehicle insurance: http://www.baohiempvi.com.vn/individuals-detail/personal-customers/motor-vehicle-insurance.html
Home Insurance: http://www.baohiempvi.com.vn/individuals-detail/personal-customers/home-insurance.html

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Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.
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