The most under-insured valuable in Vietnam is Home insurance

#1 You need to know that 99% of Vietnamese home owners don’t buy insurance

#2 Most long-term expats know that ‘the landlord is always right’. In case of damage to property you will be held responsible. The owners catch phrase ‘If you were not living in the apartment, the water pipes

would have not burst’, so you end up paying. If you don’t pay now, they will catch-up on your deposit when you leave… but that is a secret!

#3 3rd party liability can be included in the home insurance for any activity your family members participate in Vietnam, including outside of your home, during weekends or at school.

#4 Safety and construction standards are not respected in constructions and sometimes in buildings

#5 Management of residential buildings don’t buy insurance to repay the value of the owner’s apartment.

NB. By the way, you can check if they buy insurance at all for the common areas! But also, if your he is insurable due to too deep or high to be reached by firemen.

#6 Ou insurance claims records shows, there are a few seasons for property damage:

  • before Tet burglaries (make some money for festive expenses),
  • during Tet fires and injuries (drunk and absent people), 
  • monsoon floods and tidal river overflows
  • Hot dry season fires by heat and aircons wires surcharges

#7 By law, employers are responsible for life & health treatment costs arising at working.

Leaving this to insurers with a Personal Accident cover is cheap and give you peace-of-mind against abusive ‘extortion’ from the family as the insurance lawyers will deal with the claim and judgement.

NB. Theft by your maid or employees are not covered by insurance because they are considered part of your household. To be refundable, it has to be forcible theft

#8 You may have you own needs… 

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