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Expat is looking for insurance in Vietnam

Vietnam is fast becoming a popular choice amongst expats as the country offers the ideal combination of good earning potential, low cost of living and high quality of life. Expats moving to Vietnam will find a healthcare system which combines aspects of Eastern and Western medicines to treat most medical issues. 

Plans are currently underway to develop a universal healthcare system to cover all those legally residing in Vietnam for basic medical care. 

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As it stands, most Vietnamese citizens have to pay for medical services themselves at both public and private hospitals. In many cases, people that can afford it opt to use private facilities as these tend to be better equipped and more efficient.

Expats who live in Vietnam often report that the standard of the country’s public hospitals is not on par with what they would be accustomed to.

Public hospitals in Vietnam are often underfunded and inadequately equipped. Doctors and medical staff at these facilities generally only speak Vietnamese. Furthermore, waiting times can be frustratingly long.  In rural areas, the quality and availability of healthcare is considerably worse, and in some of the more remote parts of the country public healthcare is almost non-existent.

For these reasons, it makes sense that expats as well as many Vietnamese people opt for private treatment wherever possible.

Source: Allianz Care

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Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.