5 Criteria for Selecting Reliable Insurance

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How to the best health or general insurance: 5 professional criteria

Health and personal insurance are new in Vietnam. Like in most developing countries in Asia, there are no regulations yet. Insurers dictate their benefits and pricing as they experience claims loss. It takes years of negotiation experience in Vietnam and knowledge of regulatory best practices worldwide to protect clients effectively.

Our criteria for selecting reliable insurance

Comprehensive benefits and cheap prices do exist in developing countries like Vietnam where treatment costs are cheap. Reliable insurers establish ‘onshore’ in Asean to benefit cheaper employee costs reflecting in cheaper premium prices.

5 insurance professionals criteria:
- Security
- Performance benefits coverage
- Flexibility
- Affordable Price
- Administration

Choosing your insurance package in Vietnam

In case of serious illness and huge hospital bills foreseeable over the next few years, will your insurer foot all the bills without problem or huge premium increase?
We look at who will pay the bill, who are their re-Insurer? Is it à bigger insurer with deep pockets? But also who is their regulator? By which country insurance or financial laws they must abide by? Do they have pending legal actions by clients? What are the members, in social network groups, saying in the country they have the most clients? We uncovered à few scams and fake insurers.

The coverage and limits are what is on offer in your insurance; it should reflect a market practice. But more importantly the limits should be sufficient for Singapore or your home country treatment costs. With experience some illnesses or subsequent treatments and benefits may be needed, we check all the good practice so you are not at risk of a loophole. Our role is to explain to the clients which fine prints may become treacherous when they need it the most. ‘You get what you pay for’ is not always true, but ‘it’s too good to be true’ is probably not true, you can use our experience to find out.

Most expats need flexibility to taylormade their health insurance to individual or  family coverage needs. Families expand with optional (maternity, dental, check-up) benefits needs arise, country of cover move, employers benefits and allowances change with promotion or relocation, treatments become more or less expensive by à x5 factor, 1-size fits all is over.

Not all health insurers are more flexible than others in benefits, each family member needs and pricing options by using copay and deductibles.

What makes the difference in price between insurers sometimes by 50%? Are dependent on the insurer’s strategy and the overall claims history of their clients portfolio. We understand who is using which strategy to keep insurance premiums affordable in à sustainable and ethical way. Your long-term perspective and lifestyle are à key to choosing the insurer that will fit your medical treatment ‘lifestyle’ and budget over the long term.

‘Pay first, Claim later’ by health insurers is not an option when it comes to medical evacuation and hospital treatment, knowing that the tens of thousands dollars is a common figure for medevac treatment in Singapore hospitals. Direct billing networks of hospitals and cashless services for Inpatient hospitalisation or Outpatient consultations are becoming common. But also e-claiming through insurers web applications becomes the norm.

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.