A+ International Healthcare

A+ International Healthcare provide first class insurance to individuals, international companies and organizations. Since 2008, A Plus has offered best-in-class medical health plans around the world with a network of over 10,000 doctors, hospitals and clinics in more than 150 countries. A+ healthcare plans are designed to be bulletproof. Each plan can be customized to your specific needs, and A+ can guide you every step of the way. In 2022, it was acquired by April International.

  • A+ international insurance, A+ii is a Hong Kong based company, 
  • Underwritten by Axa France, regulated by the French Insurance Regulatory Commission (ACPR – Paris)

Overall Insurance Rating




Established in 2008, A+ii is an expatriate health insurance specialist. A+ii relies on renowned re-insurer namely Axa, the World #2 insurer. Axa assistance for their medical evacuations.



Their strategy is to provide basic benefits that any expat needs. You don’t need to pay extra for ‘bells and whistles’ that eventually short-assignment expatriates won’t need.



Due to limited choices in their benefit and area of coverage, there is no built-in flexibility. Fully portable when you relocate, just notify your change of country. 



Pricing is competitive or below the market to pay for the base protection. There are 3 plans for budget, SE Asia and World expatriate.



A+ relied on reputable specialists partners for 2-to-5 day service level as products

  1. Axa assistance for medical evacuation 
  2. MAI Medical Administrators Intl to service 

Ideal Client Profile

A+ii, is ideal for expats in search of basic cover for Hospitalization and/or Consultations:

  • young international expat 
  • Nomad workers
  • Short-term assignment abroad
  • with simple healthcare protection needs

Insurance Products

A basic and cheap medical coverage, wherever you live. À+ 4 plans for locals and expatriates, accessible up to age 49,  fully portable worldwide. One of the cheapest plans on the market for nomad workers.

Easy Care+ Plans: https://aplusii.com/easycare-plans/

For ASEAN based residents, expats or locals: looking for a good, reliable and competitive cover over the long-term. Ideal for ASEAN established families willing to get treatment in the region. The plans are valid for a lifetime.

Southeast Asia Plans: https://aplusii.com/southeast-asia-plans/

For expatriate moving around the world.

Worldwide Plans: https://aplusii.com/worldwide-plans/#pl1

Professional Corporate coverage for Business activities & Projects

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.