AIG American Insurance Group Vietnam

AIG American Insurance Group is the largest insurer in the world -including AIA life-. They insure 88Mio clients over 130 countries. AIG Vietnam was founded in 1920 and returned in 2005 with a 100% foreign-owned non-life business license, AIA life Vietnam was founded in 2000.
In Vietnam, AIG choose to specialize in:

  • travel insurance due to his brand and regional servicing offices worldwide
  • Corporate business risks necessitating large sums of capital

As an International financial brand, using its own capital to insure clients, AIG Vietnam is careful about its clientele, its products commitments and level of service.

Overall Insurance Rating




AIG #1 insurer in the world has ample capital -and guaranteed deposit fund at the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam- to pay for the smaller claims Vietnam Individual clients and corporations they commit to.



All international benefits are available in their products thanks to their global experience of their clients’ needs. Due to Vietnam clientele, to keep prices low, the benefit limits are low to international standards but generally sufficient.



The products and services, due to their huge size and  worldwide duplication, choices and options are not negotiable.



Pricing is competitive or below the market to pay for the base protection Expat needs as AIG client base is worldwide. Excellent value for money.



AIG is à fully integrated insurer from reinsurance to assistance service. It provides consistency and client care, but a bit of procedure is the price to pay with large companies.

Ideal Client Profile

AIG products is ideal for international expat looking for comprehensive benefits and reliable service and decision making to world class best practice. Do not expect special attention or customized solutions from this ‘giant’ insurer

Insurance Products

A very comprehensive travel plan, suitable for SE Asia clients

Professional Corporate coverage for Business activities & Projects

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.