AllianzCare Health and Life Insurance

AllianzCare specializes in health and life insurance for Corporate and Expatriates families around the world, for more than 50 years, based and registered in Ireland.
Allianz Care is owned by Allianz Partners, a world leader in B2B2C insurance and assistance, offering global solutions that span international health and life, travel insurance, automotive and assistance. Present in 75 countries, our 21,500 employees speak 70 languages, handle over 71 million cases each year. Allianz Partners belongs to Allianz group of companies, the world #1 insurer.

Allianz is registered in France and regulated by the laws of France Insurance Code.

Overall Insurance Rating




Fully owned by the largest insurer in the world and registered in the France code of insurance laws. Clients benefit the utmost protection and compliance.



Thanks to 50 years of experience, its largest base of clients from European corporate employees, Europe insured members are the most demanding and advanced in medical care, Allianz plans offer the largest selection of plans and options to selective clients.





Pricing is in the higher range as they boast the most careful client service as à fully integrated insurer. Knowing all aspects of a client member’s journey: from insuring the risk with their own capital, marketing, benefit selection, plan design to claims, assistance and evacuation are in-house services.



Allianz embodies the idea of ‘peace-of-mind behind your insurer’. They added à comprehensive App to claim, find a medical provider, a wellness monitor… they also refund up to 70$ for your preferred health app

Ideal Client Profile

Allianz is suitable for International people who want treatment at the best hospitals and specialists wherever they travel or reside. The price you pay for a global presence and personalized care wherever you reside.

Insurance Products

Is the most comprehensive high-end plan for international managers. It was originally made for the demanding European multinationals corporate executive to match what their national schemes offering.

Professional Corporate coverage for Business activities & Projects

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.