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April is a specialist health and travel insurer for 100,000 Expat clients. APRIL International Care France is insured by Groupama Gan Vie (health and death) and Chubb Europe for repatriation assistance and personal liability. Both re-insurers are world leaders in insurance. With recent CVC partners enter the capital, April is shifting to mobile and technology to become best-in-class for customer care
The insurance group is Registered with ORIAS under number 07 008 000 (www.orias.fr), France Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority. In Vietnam April operates from various offices where it registered offices to distribute health insurance products.

April International’s acquisition of A+ in 2022 gives it even greater means to support expats in Vietnam.

Overall Insurance Rating




April Group has been listed on the Paris stock Exchange since 1997. April plans are re-insured by Groupama Gan Vie for Health & Death benefits, and Chubb Europe for Evacuation, assistance and personal liability. 



My Health Intl benefits are all any expatriate needs, with some interesting features: nominating country for treatment, accident + emergency cover only, public liability, life and income replacement.



The plan is fully portable, you can keep this covers wherever you relocate, it has à built-in facility but not as much as their Asia product where each family member can choose their own coverage level.



Price is in reflect international expenses but the flexible options to reduce the price and 5 different plans makes it a product worth considering.



Since 2020, April aims at becoming one of the most IT agile servicing insurer by 2025. They are extending with localizing more offices across Asia.

  • April Easy claims App
  • Currently 8 offices in Asia of 13 worldwide and counting.

Ideal Client Profile

A+ii, is ideal for young international expat with simple healthcare protection needs. They offer basic coverage options, with good international servicing priced in or below the market.

Insurance Products

A competitive alternative to international plans as you can handpick your countries of treatment, as opposed to à worldwide area of cover that is inflated by the most expensive countries like UK, Switzerland, HK or Japan.

MyHealth VN: https://asia.april-international.com/en/international-health-insurance/myhealth-vietnam

My Hong Kong health insurance: https://asia.april-international.com/en/international-health-insurance/myhealth-hong-kong

For short-term stay in any country: will cover you fully for medical treatment for your assignment. It differs of a travel cover because you are not covered only for emergency + they can not cancel your trip and repatriate you in the middle of your contract.

Complementary to the CFE: is the most flexible and portable complementary anywhere in the world for French expatriates.

Professional Corporate coverage for Business activities & Projects

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.