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April International Care is a French-based, established in 1988 and specialized medical insurer for more than 40 years, 3900 staff servicing 130,000 expatriates worldwide for Eur 1Bn revenue. With 28 offices worldwide, including HCMC-Vietnam, they provide 24/7/365 service locally or globally.

April Intl Care is regulated by the ORIAS.fr the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority. April partners with PTI Post & Telecom insurance to comply with insurance capital and product compliance with the Ministry of Finance.

April Group has been listed on the Paris stock Exchange since 1997. April plans are re-insured by Groupama Gan Vie for Health & Death benefits, and Chubb Europe for Evacuation, assistance and personal liability.

Overall Insurance Rating




Specialized in health insurance since 1988, April group is a listed company with Health plans reinsured by Groupama Mutual the #2 mutual insurers in the world. Evacuation assistance is provided by Chubb insurance group is  US$200Bn in Assets.  PTI Post Telecom Insurance Vietnam is à top#5 insurers of Vietnam, fronting their products to the Ministry of Finance.



As a specialist health insurer, April Myhealth offers 4 levels of Hospitalisation + 3 consultations plans + 3 Dental plans+ 3 Maternity plans for a total of 108 combinations.



MyHealth plans are the most flexible on the market as each family member can taylor his plan with plan covers and 6 deductible options and 2 co-payment. 1296 combinations available for 1 person covered.



Pricing is competitive with world-class players, the utmost flexibility allows clients and family members to really pay for what they will use.



Apri makes extensive use of technology and cashless lists of hospitals wherever they have resident office. 

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Ideal Client Profile

April is ideal for International people willing to get world-class service with hand-picked  benefits. Pricing is optimized by the flexibility of choices allowed by technology.

Insurance Products

An international product with 1296 combinations

Complémentaire CFE

For professional short-term assignments

Professional Corporate coverage for Business activities & Projects

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