Bao Viet Insurance

Bao Viet is the #1 and largest non-life insurer in Vietnam with a Capital of US$88Mio.As a state-owned conglomerate, under the Ministry of Finance, established since 1965. They are stable over the long-term even though like most Vietnam state-owned enterprises they believe in conglomerates. With 67 child companies and 300 branches, the business is based on relationships and opportunities.

There are no insurance laws protecting the consumers in Vietnam, any insurer has the right -and the duty- to be profitable. Nevertheless, Bao Viet has developed a long term strategy over medical insurance. For almost 30-years we have established strong business relationships with the top branches in Hanoi and HCMC.

Overall Insurance Rating




Bao Viet Capital is not an issue. An important part of claims refund -when amounts are high- depends on the strategic long-term and business weight relationship between the broker agent and Bao Viet. 



As most clients are Vietnamese and local companies, only the biggest branches will offer à larger array of insurance products, but nothing near foreign medical or car specialist insurers.



Centralization and replication is at the heart of state-owned companies when it comes to product design.



As most products are ‘commodities’ made for local markets, pricing is competitive to the market as Vietnamese individuals and corporations have no brand loyalty when it comes to insurance.



The service you get largely depends on the branch and the relationship established by your broker as a wholesaler. This surely applies when you need to large claims to be paid

  • Bao Viet recently centralized medical insurance claims
  • They boast the largest network of Vietnamese hospitals for insured members

Ideal Client Profile

Bao Viet products for Property and health insurance for Vietnamese staff are ideal for middle management and local corporations of all size. For more international needs or bigger capital amounts; specialist insurers are better positioned to offer suitable products and services.

Insurance Products

For Vietnamese Individuals and group coverage: offers 5 levels of cover to access treatment in all private clinics in Vietnam. Overall annual limits are low but sufficient locally
BaoViet Property for companies and factories.

NB. Bao Viet is also partner of Aetna, Henner health insurers to register their International health products in Vietnam

Professional Corporate coverage for Business activities & Projects

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.