Henner Bao Viet Care & Health

Henner Group has been a pioneer and specialized health insurance provider since 1947.
Today, with 17 offices around the world and 1,500 employees based in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa, the Henner Group is present all over the world. This international presence allows Henner to cover 2.1 million people in 200 countries.

For their high-end coverage worldwide, Care & Health, Henner partnered with Bao Viet Insurance for Vietnam regulatory reasons.

Henner is regulated by the French Insurance Regulatory Commission (ACPR – Paris).
Henner is also registered at the Orias, the association, under the supervision of the Treasury Directorate, created in 2007 to certify insurance intermediaries, in accordance with a European Union directive established in 2002.

Overall Insurance Rating




With more than 70 years of health insurance, Henner is an established and regulated, specialist insurer in Employee benefits worldwide with 20 offices serving 2.1Mio members.



Henner made the unique choice to cover all members comprehensively: including pre-existing conditions, hospital treatment + consultations and offer various options. A lifetime product.



Their ‘all-or-nothing’ philosophy is appreciated by international clients and corporations. There are not many options available to adjust prices or optional benefits.



Henner is on the higher end because they will cover you to the full -including any preexisting illness you may have with a guaranteed renewal.



Henner is an integrated company, they take care of their members with à personalized and long-term view. For example, they may agree on paying for some procedures -not part of your benefits if it is good for your ‘holistic’ and overall wellness. Therefore they tend to be at your side when you need them, anywhere you reside.

In each country, Henner has established offices to take closer care of their clients like in Singapore with products.

Ideal Client Profile

Henner is ideal for international expat looking for peace-of-mind and a ‘health insurance partner a bit similar to a family doctor who would take care of your wellness. Wherever you reside will follow you and make sure you get appropriate treatment.

Insurance Products

Care & Health was their ‘first generation’ product high-end benefits for International expatriates back in the early 2010. Available worldwide, it was extended to Vietnam by registering it to the VN ministry of Finance with Bao Viet as their ‘fronting partner’.

Professional Corporate coverage for Business activities & Projects

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Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.