Henner International

Henner Group has been a pioneer and specialized health insurance provider since 1947.
Today, with 17 offices around the world and 1,500 employees based in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa, the Henner Group is present all over the world. This international presence allows Henner to cover 2.1 million people in 200 countries.
For their high-end coverage worldwide, Care & Health, Henner partnered with Post Telecom Insurance Vietnam to comply with insurance laws.

Henner is regulated by the French Insurance Regulatory Commission (ACPR – Paris).
Henner is also registered at the Orias, the association, under the supervision of the Treasury Directorate, created in 2007 to certify insurance intermediaries, in accordance with a European Union directive established in 2002.

Henner group policy is to open offices and launch products worldwide via their local offices: what is called onshoring in whichever country the insurance laws allows.
Doing so, Henner Intl France is dedicated to French clients worldwide with 2 products:

  • Henner UNO -a typical private medical insurance- to fully refund treatment costs
  • Henner DUO – a top-up to CFE/social security base insurance for French Expats

Overall Insurance Rating




As the products are regulated in France and the CFE Caisse des Francais à l’Etranger is sponsored by the government. You have à lifetime plan with guaranteed renewal.



Henner is one of the rare insurers who will cover you fully including any pre-existing illness you may have. They also cover you in tune with anything paid by the social security on France. As France healthcare system regulates prices, the limits of the benefits will not be very high as it can be in the private sector worldwide.



The cover is based on what is refunded by the social security, then topped up to match the country you are in. Therefore you may have to pay for redundancies and the choices are not à la carte but a replica of the menu the French system refunds as coverage.



Pricing is high due to their policy of covering the whole family regardless of your medical history. Nevertheless as most clients are French and the social security limit the treatment costs inflation, the rates are still lower than private international medical insurers.



Henner offers an integrated service and sometimes family case based as their policy has always been to cover fully or not accept the applicant.

  • Axa assistance for medical evacuation
  • My Henner is their app for claiming

Ideal Client Profile

For French families who want peace-of-mind with the social security healthcare system they know well. If you have pre-existing conditions you are seeking cover for, definitely an insurer to consider. They also try to apply the same policy with their onshore products aborad, available not only to French citizen

Insurance Products

A 1st Euro product for French citizen families, with 4 levels of coverage all are based on Inpatient + Outpatient cover. Covers for declared pre-existing conditions.

This is their top-up, complementaire sante, that must be combined with your CFE coverage. NB. Now CFE ois opening up to EU citizen, therefore more people can get access to the cover of their pre-existing conditions.

Professional Corporate coverage for Business activities & Projects

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.