Henner PTI Vietnam

Henner Group has been a pioneer and specialized health insurance provider since 1947.
Today, with 17 offices around the world and 1,500 employees based in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa, the Henner Group is present all over the world. This international presence allows Henner to cover 2.1 million people in 200 countries.

For their high-end coverage worldwide, Care & Health, Henner partnered with Post Telecom Insurance Vietnam to comply with insurance laws.

Henner is regulated by the French Insurance Regulatory Commission (ACPR – Paris).

Henner is also registered at the Orias, the association, under the supervision of the Treasury Directorate, created in 2007 to certify insurance intermediaries, in accordance with a European Union directive established in 2002.

To take on the Vietnamese market for international people with a packaged health insurance product made specifically for ASEAN long term residents, Expats and locals, they partnered with PTI, the Vietnam Post & Telecom insurance, in the top #3 Vietnamese insurer for the past 20-years

Overall Insurance Rating




Henner is highly regulated in France/EU read above, therefore clients protection is regulated by France insurance laws. Henner chose PTI Vietnam, Post & Telecom Insurance, as their fronting partner for the Master Care series.  is regulated in Vietnam and backed up by Vietnam Post & Telecom and DongBu Insurance from Korea.



As a specialist insurer in Health and employee benefits worldwide, Henner brings more than 75 years experience in designing products fit to the market.

For many years those 2 products have evolved to suit French expatriates needs. Henner is among the rare Expat insurers ready to consider coverage for pre-existing conditions as part of their offer.



There are 4 levels of cover with 3 zones of coverage and 4 deductible options and 2 options for co-pay. All members of the family have to be insured under the same plan level.



As a new product, distributed in ASEAN developing countries, the pricing is competitive or below the market to pay for the base protection Expat needs.



Henner has a reputation for integrated service taking care of clients:

  • Axa assistance for medical evacuation
  • My Henner app for client servicing and claims

Ideal Client Profile

Henner PTI offers ASEAN fitted plans coverage options, with good international servicing priced in or below the market.

Henner has a unique pricing offer for groups: the same price for any member of the group regardless of age. That allows to equalize the price to avoid for employers to have à price discrimination between older and younger employees.

Insurance Products

Product#1: Master Care is a reliable, basic medical coverage suitable for Asean long term resident, 4 plans for locals and expatriates, accessible up to age 70. It is a lifetime plan.

Product#2: Master Care for SME

Professional Corporate coverage for Business activities & Projects

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Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.