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Lumahealth insurance group is a fairly new health specialist, headquartered in Thailand. It specializes in health, travel and employee benefits across South East Asia SEA developing countries where they establish offices and register their health coverage products.

They use prominent international health re-insurers like Axa insurance to tailor suitable products for the different countries they set-up business in.

In Vietnam, they chose à fronting partner on Bao Long insurance to register officially their health and travel products ‘onshore’ so they can distribute to Expats and Vietnamese alike.

That makes their products suitable for long-term residents in Asia but more importantly the flexibility allows them to offer competitive rates.

2024 updated Luma Insurance news for Vietnam

Medical expenses have been increasing at a fast pace internationally and within LUMA’s portfolio. There has been a global rise in cancer cases over the past year, occurring at earlier stages of life, leading to more prolonged and expensive treatments. Additionally, we’ve seen a rise in unnecessary hospital admissions, especially among children.

While our reinsurer has required a high premium increase, we are dedicated to minimizing the impact on our members. Below, you’ll find the upcoming rate adjustments for individual health insurance policies:

  • Asia Care Plus Vietnam: 10.30% increase – Effective April 8, 2024
  • Asia Care Premier: 8% increase – Effective April 8, 2024
    Asia Care Pro: 8% increase – Effective April 8, 2024

LUMA remains dedicated to providing competitive health insurance solutions. We’re proud to offer complimentary access to Medipro services, enabling members to consult with an international team of doctors for expert first and second medical opinion, as well as recommendations to Centers of Excellence.

Additionally, LUMA continues to lead the industry in coverage for cancer, its position as an industry leader in cancer coverage, reaffirming our commitment to providing comprehensive support and expertise in managing this challenging condition.

Overall Insurance Rating




Established in various Asia countries and specializing in health insurance makes them a long-term reliable partner. As they use large international insurers focused on health and employee benefits for Expatriates, it gives clients an extra layer of peace of mind.



All products are very well designed for local Asean countries coverage: with enough benefits limits to get affordable coverage for local health treatments prices and habits. The product range is getting larger like their 4 different plans for Luma Vietnam, but also the new Covid Thailand, Vietnam or Asean pass that are compliant with each country’s immigration recommended coverage.



As products are for SEA expatriates and locals, but also companies established across SEAsia, flexibility is built-in from the launch of à specific product or the product itself is suitable for a target market at the right price.



Pricing is competitive or below the international market to pay for Asean based international people. As the company is established and managed from Thailand, the value-for-money and professional experience in monitoring of health costs make affordable for the high-end service you get.



Lumahealth due to its Thailand origin take pride in getting high-end service to all clients. Developing cashless and direct billing networks of clinics wherever they can. The proximity, same time zone as Asean, and Asian roots makes a difference in servicing clients when compared to European or US insurance providers. À deep knowledge of  each countries’ hospital network and medical practices gives Luma an edge to answer and pay for claims.

Ideal Client Profile

Luma is a cheap and reliable option for Asean based executives for travel and health protection looking for International health services at local prices.

Insurance Products

The NEW TRAVEL PASS Thailand – Vietnam – Asean Pass series are the cheapest Covid compliant cover you.

The AsiaCare series for most ASEAN country, it is a tailor made offer for each countries Expats and locals needs for high-end treatment in international hospitals.

Professional Corporate coverage for Business activities & Projects

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.