It is largely unknown that PUBLIC PLACES MUST BE INSURED this is enforced by the PCCC Phòng cháy chữa cháy, the firemen dept.

The very few who purchase is due to Compliance rather than knowledge and voluntary choice

#1 The building management request a minimum of professional or 3rd party liability

#2 the PCCC fire dept inspection for 3rd party compulsory insurance

#3 Decoration and equipment costs to protect

#4 HeadQuarters compliance worldwide for 3rd party in Vietnam office

#5 Protection of the clients

#6 Employees liability cover for all work-related damage or injury

#7 Cash & salary in transit

#8 Valuable property equipment

#9 Business Interruption and loss of profit

#10 Temporary office relocation costs

#11 You may have you own needs…