Our clients value our SNACK™ service. It’s free!

n return we boast 91% loyalty and most clients refer friends and colleagues.

Our growth was mainly due to a strict commitment to deliver SNACK™ service [Select-Negotiate-Administrate-Claim-Knowledge] to clients year-after-year. We are blessed with loyal clients renewing and referring fellow expatriates. We treasure and reward this loyal relationship with gifts and discounts via www.tip4tips.com


Individual plans change as life change: relocate, extend, upgrade, add children. We can help adjust for the best


Companies & affinity groups can enjoy group discounts (starting 3) and taylormade benefits scheme.


There are now a few lifetime products to provide Seniors with affordable cover well over 65.

French Desk

Français? meilleure [CFE+complémentaire] ou assurance au 1er Euro? Nous avons les réponses.

Happy Clients

Our clients are happy. Not all is perfect, but we are committed to do something about imperfections.

Individual & Family

Individual plans change as life change: family extension, reduction, relocation, upgrade, downsize… Keeping the same insurer and product is at most unrealistic.

As your circumstances change over the years, our advice on product adjustments or downright shift to better alternative for family friendly plans. Your loyalty is our reward for unbiased advice and service excellence.

Groups Plans

Companies & affinity groups can enjoy discounted rates and packaged benefits. But more importantly, our experience shows companies want to achieve Human resources goals across Asia.

Company HR strategy are now backed-up by consistent and flexible employee benefit to secure both employer and employees. Starting 3/5 employees onshore or offshore plans exist to cater corporate need to recruit, retain and reward recruits across Asia and the world.

French Desk

Vous êtes Français et vous vous demandez si la CFE+ complémentaire ou une solution privée au 1er Euro est la mieux adaptée à votre situation. Nous conseillons sur les 2 possibilités.

La Caisse des Français à l’Etranger (CFE) a des avantages et inconvénients. Notre équipe spécialisée dans le conseil aux Français peut vous aider à mieux comprendre et comparer les coûts et couvertures.

Happy Clients

Our clients are happy for various reasons and aspects of our services. Not all is perfect, but we are committed to do something about imperfect situations.

With 93%+ loyalty and increasing referrals, we have had to develop a specific web-based LOYALTY & REFERRAL PROGRAM to manage points, gifts and discount to our clients called www.tip4tips.com. Enroll, help us and get rewarded.