Health Insurance Vietnam Simple
and Affordable

We help selecting the best healthcare package so you can access the best hospital and specialist in Vietnam or Asia.

Since 1994, we help individuals and corporations find suitable Insurance coverage

Best Health & general insurance change every year. Medical services are largely unregulated and prices. Selecting the best insurer requires hands-on experience of the insurers and healthcare services in Vietnam and Asia should you be evacuated in an emergency accident.

Our services making it simple and transparent

Since 1994, a short acronym for how we help our health and general insurance clients is S.N.A.C.K insurance services stands for: 

SELECT the best insurance plan for health, Accident, travel, home, car, factory…

NEGOTIATE benefits, deductibles, exclusions, compare prices

ADMINISTRATE all your insurance policies in 1-door

CLAIM benefits, procedures, services, speed varies by insurers and by countries

KNOWLEDGE we share Expatriate client new to Vietnam or Vietnamese new to insurer. 


Because private health insurance is so new to Vietnam, but also general Insurance including medical, travel, home, office, factory, car, motorbike, Accident, Life & Disability; anyone needs good and professional advice.


Selecting the best insurer for you in Vietnam

We refine our process since 1994. Not all insurers are equal; the best insurance plan for health, Accident, travel, home, car, factory etc… varies depending on specialization but also good price.

As specialist broker agent, we use 5 criteria for any insurance product to screen and benchmark the best insurance plan:


– Select the right insurer and healthcare package suitable to your personal needs at affordable budget

– Negotiate discounts or pre-existing medical exclusions optimizing your health coverage

– Administrate multiple health, travel, home, office, factory, car… insurance protection for families or Corporate. Our one-door administrative team makes insurance Hassle-free as we deal with insurers on your behalf in Vietnamese, English & French with all medical services providers.

– Claiming in Vietnam can be tricky for expatriates dealing with Vietnamese red tape; cashless service or Direct billing to best clinics or hospitals is a must-have. In general insurance like car, home or office, our many years of experience count in choosing the right insurer for swift refund to your bank

– Knowledge, since 1994, our team is following every insurer, healthcare treatment hospitals, specialists

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.