Our History

Milestones and achievements, 20 years of development


Opening of Vietnam: doi moi policy


Feb 1994, Bill Clinton lifts USA embargo on Vietnam. US$ can now flow back-and-forth to Vietnam

Foreign investment flows to Vietnam. Hong Kong money pours before handover.

Opening of Vietnam: doi http://canadapharmacybestnorx.com/ cialis for sale over the counter viagra moi policy


CB gets official representative office license,
– Foreign investors, expatriates and consultants leave Vietnam


July 1997 Hong Kong handover to China.

Asia financial crisis.

Too much loan to Asia.


August 1998: Russia default on debts. Too much loan to developing countries

Stock Markets in turmoils


2000-2003: Dotcom buble explodes

Vietnam stock market opens


CB close down due to financial meltdown.
IF Consulting is founded as a LLC

– STOP Financial planning
– FOCUS on Insurance for Expatriates. SARS outbreak comes as a boost to business.
– Recruit more International consultants to service clients worldwide as Expatriates come and relocate.


Feb-2003: SARS respiratory syndrome outbreak in Vietnam. Medical insurance in Vietnam booms!


Vietnam grants non-life business licenses to foreign insurers. New products and new markets open.


Open Hanoi office
– Foreign presence increase, all assets need insurance.
– IFC develops on growing needs on employee medical/accident benefits in Asia (China) and worldwide


Vietnam stock market attracts foreign investment funds. China attracts even more talents and capital.

Stock Markets melt down


IFC incorporate as a Joint-Stock company to destined to consulting partners and financial investors.

2008-2011 subprime mortgage lending crisis. Too much lending to poor people.


2010 IFC opens its French/Europe desk for expatriates in Europe and French clients top-up products.

2011-today Eurozone debt crisis.

Too much lending to poor countries


IFC develops a new web-based platform focusing on client servicing worldwide…
Towards a GLOCAL company.
Global reach and servicing standards. Local servicing and value offers.