Healthcare and Insurance in Vietnam

Health insurance in Asia is a growing sector, but it is largely unregulated. There is no legal protection for the insured member as insurance companies are considered a ‘normal business’ that are entitled to make money as per the management decisions.
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Healthcare system and medical insurance in Vietnam

The healthcare system in Vietnam is low level. Health hazards are higher as in many Asia developing countries. Private medical insurance is affordable thus not all reliable. For 30-years, we select the best insurance options.

Healthcare and medical insurance in Vietnam

Vietnam is fast becoming a popular choice amongst expats as the country offers the ideal combination of good earning potential, low cost of living and high quality of life. Expats moving to Vietnam will find a healthcare system which combines aspects of Eastern and Western medicines to treat most medical issues. Plans are currently underway to develop a universal healthcare system to cover all those legally residing in Vietnam for basic medical care. As it stands, most Vietnamese citizens have to pay for medical services themselves at both public and private hospitals. In many cases, people that can afford it opt to use private facilities as these tend to be better equipped and more efficient.

Health insurance in Vietnam

Expats who live in Vietnam often report that the standard of the country’s public hospitals is not on par with what they would be accustomed to.

Thankfully, the standard of private hospitals in Vietnam is excellent and more or less in line with standards which most expats would be used to.

By taking some basic precautions expats can minimise the chances of experiencing major health hazards during their stay in Vietnam.

Expats can rest assured that pharmacies in Vietnam are well represented within bigger towns and cities. They are usually located on any shopping street or in malls, and are generally well-stocked.

Healthcare in Vietnam can be gotten for as low as US$ 3 a consultation and with US$ 3000 85% of hospitalization will be paid for. Insurers statistics show that 57% of expat in Vietnam take a chance to self pay, not purchasing insurance.

As the national health insurance plan in Vietnam is still a work in progress, the social security ‘bao hiem xa hoi’ is the main insurance cover for locals to get access to your nearest designated state-run hospitals. For expats, it is best to invest in an international health insurance policy before arriving in the country.

Wherever possible expats are advised to check with hospitals and insurance companies to ensure that their procedures will be fully covered. Furthermore, expats should opt for a policy which covers them for medical evacuation and treatment outside Vietnam. In many cases, expats and wealthier Vietnamese people travel to Bangkok or Singapore for better treatment and emergency care.

The main difference with international health insurers is they are regulated by insurance laws; any abusive practice, the clients can lodge a official complaint to the ombudsman or regulatory body that can be penalized or suspend the insurer’s business license. As such, it is essential that all expats in Vietnam invest in comprehensive international health insurance to cover the high costs associated with private healthcare.

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