Life, Accident and Disability Insurance

In Vietnam, hectic traffic, lower healthcare and safety standards has made life and accidental coverage a must-have.

With higher risk in Vietnam: Life & Accident insurance in higher demand

Any Expat family relocating to Vietnam experience the feeling of an increased riskiness; like in most developing countries, hectic traffic, lower healthcare and safety standards makes life and accidental coverage a must-have.

Life, Accident and disability insurance if the Expat families safety net

Most expat family moving to Vietnam feel the need to protect their family, purchasing life insurance or their investment with key person accident coverage.
Expat family breadwinners or business owners, all feel increased life risks: Life, Accident and disability insurance is frequent additional protection request.
As a couple or new founded family, when living in Vietnam expat have considered life and accidental insurance coverage. Like in most developing countries, we are impressed by hectic traffic, lower healthcare and insufficient safety standards. The whole country of 100Mio inhabitants has only a couple of small international standards hospitals. Daily traffic accidental death averages 35 casualties/ day. The lack of international safety standards applied in construction, factories and most buildings or public places add to the feeling of overall heightened risk.

Whether your wife is working or not, you have younger or older children, safety is just not the same standard as Singapore, London or any western capital.

Calculate the right amount of life, accident and disability insurance

High coverage limits satisfy Inbound/ Outbound travel insurance requirements of most countries, including 26 Schengen Europe Countries Covers medical expenses incurred during travel due to illness or accident, including follow-up treatment in Vietnam up guaranteed worldwide.

- Life cover for death or chronic illnesses
- Accidental additional indemnity
- TPD Total and Permanent Disability
- Income replacement for the family
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Life insurance in Vietnam

We would usually consider the right amount of life protection as a number of years of the breadwinner salary of 5, 10, 20 years. The amount increases with the number of family members to protect till they end University. Of course, your lifestyle and in which country the money will be spent by the beneficiaries, in the meantime life returns to a new normal.

We take a professional approach to your estate, taking into consideration your existing property and other sources of income, purchasing life or income replacement becomes simple. We accompany our clients through the whole process.

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.