Selecting the right medical insurer / health cover needs hindsight from experience

Most of our clients need more benefit for less money.
Most insurers need exactly the opposite.

Our job is to match your personal needs to the best insurance product. We will review your requirements and help you compare the best suitable products currently on the market. When your needs change over the years, so does our recommendation for ‘best’ insurer. Our clients have peace-of-mind, always getting the best value-for-money.

Medical Cover

When moving to a new country you, your family or your employees: assessing your real needs is key to purchasing the right insurance cover at the right price. We help expatriates in Asia just do that since 1994.

Purchasing the most expensive insurance does not guarantee you get
the right cover. Nobody likes to be over charged or over insured. When you relocate, your family/company expand or your budget change: it is time to review the market for better options.


Protecting your family, your income or your business is the ultimate goal in securing your future, especially in a country where your references are shaken.

In Asia, predictibility is low: economic growth, developing sectors, investment flows and political stability are daily concerns. Not everything needs cover, a few things cannot be insured. Ask and share our 20-year experience living in Asia.


Assignment abroad means travelling. Travel insurance has become a cheap commodity to protect you from the many travel risks while away.

For a few dozen dollars, you get instant cover for hundred thousands of dollars limits: medical costs, life cover, travel delays, stolen belongings, public liability, leisure sports injuries or even car rental cover. All-in-one.