We are not the Insurer’s salesman

We are not broker, we are not sales agents. We like to see ourselves as Your Advisor on Insurance when you live abroad.
Residing abroad needs a full ‘mindset reset’ when it comes to risk protection levels and value-for-money when it comes to insurance. Our SNACK™ service Select-Negotiate-Administrate-Claim-Knowledge often save our clients both time and money.


Selecting the best-in-class, year-after-year is part of our job.


There are ways to NEGOTIATE to get you more benefit for less money.


Who should I call? What form should I fill-in?


What if a claim for hospital bill/evacuation is denied?


What do you need to know in your new country of residence to avoid being over charged or over insured?


Most people ask us to find the “best” or a “reliable” insurance. Selecting the best-in-class, year-after-year is part of our job. Our consultants share with you what Insurer’s brochures or salesman won’t tell.

There are many reasons for insurer to be cheap, expensive, efficient, excluding cover, accepting claims, paying out quickly… More importantly, insurers change product and strategy over time. The more expensive is not always the better for you, that’s a good reason to consult us.


Insurance products prices are public. You pay official rates, insurers pay us. Nevertheless, there are things like exclusions, waiting periods, no-claims discount, deductibles or seasonal discounts that will reduce your insurance bill.

Every day we negotiate: waivers of exclusions, family/corporate/affinity group rates, rebate for deductible, loyalty & referral discounts, free check-up or vaccination, waiver of deductible, no claims experience rates.


Insurers deal with jargons, forms, rules and procedures. A wrong move can take you into a long wait. We take the hassle out of your hands. Especially if you purchase multiple plans: medical cover, disability and life, travel, car, home, office with various insurers, you will love our 1-door service.


An emergency evacuation can be refused, a claim can be denied or a refund delayed or lengthy payment. For the past 20-years we have helped our clients get what they paid for.

Purchasing insurance directly to an insurer sales, put you at the mercy of wrongful claim rejection. We have helped clients getting back up to US$38,000 of rejected costs ‘re-assessing’ the claim with a major International insurer with the supervision of Financial Services Authorities.


In insurance, a practical approach to local costs and actual risks knowledge is often more valuable than a costly global solution. Our local knowledge saves you time and money: we make sure you are not over or under insured in your country of expatriation.