Health and General Insurance
in Vietnam is new

5 ways we support our clients. As a new sector, the medical and general insurance sectors are largely unregulated. Local practices and ethical advice are key to select a reliable insurer guaranteeing the quality of the service and quick claims payment.

Health and general insurance in Vietnam is new

Most Expatriate new to Vietnam need ethical advice for health treatment services and general insurance protection. Healthcare and insurance services are very new in Vietnam, staff and level of service are experimental at best when it comes to dealing with insurance and administration of claims.

Personal, independent and reliable advice on healthcare & insurance

In Vietnam, International and local experience are rare to find. Most expatriate have limited experience and understanding of Vietnamese healthcare and business practice. Insurance in Asia advises individuals and corporations since 1994, with Ethics and transparency as our main concern. We represent more than 25 insurers with various slight differences in benefits, specialty and reliability to navigate through insurance and protection needs. Some are better suited for young individuals, localized families, Vietnamese, professional world expats, diplomats, retired, people with pre-existing conditions, you name it.
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Insurance and protection needs in Vietnam

Our advisors are trained to serve 5 types of clients by order of difficulty due to more needs whether you are:
L1- Individual

L2- Localized families

L3- MNE managers and diplomats

L4- SME small enterprises

L5- MNE multinationals corporations with Headquarters international compliance

Insurance knowledge of products and fineprints have become more technical and complex. To ease the purchase of insurance, we have specialists for health insurance, personal lines (motor, car, home), Life & Disability Accident, property coverage and professional business liability protection.

In Vietnam, claims refund is an art of what you know combined with who you know. 


Because cash is king, direct billing and credit card payment ‘smooth’ procedures dont work effectively. the main reason is payment delays but also staff want to protect themselves against claims denial by insurers.


Sometimes over procedural to make sure the insurer will pay will delay your hospital check out that you wil want to pay cash to check out sooner.


  • Medical bills is fairly no-brainer with hospitalizations paid direct billing
  • Medical consultations are now direct billing or e-claim or via the insurer mobile app
  • Travel claims are more tricky as most times you are already back home missing a document
  • Property and corporate assets claims definitely need guidance as laws and insurers are changing procedures every year as they get scammed by some clients

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.