Our History

Milestones and achievements, 20 years of development

Opening of Vietnam: doi moi policy

Cameron Butler (CB), UK brokerage, sets up offices in (Hong Kong, Brunei,Vietnam) for expatriate insurance and financial planning.

Feb 1994, Bill Clinton lifts USA embargo on Vietnam. US$ can now flow back-and-forth to Vietnam

Foreign investment flows to Vietnam. Hong Kong money pours before handover.

Opening of Vietnam: doi http://canadapharmacybestnorx.com/ cialis for sale over the counter viagra moi policy

CB gets official representative office license,
– Foreign investors, expatriates and consultants leave Vietnam


July 1997 Hong Kong handover to China.

Asia financial crisis.

Too much loan to Asia.


August 1998: Russia default on debts. Too much loan to developing countries

Stock Markets in turmoils


2000-2003: Dotcom buble explodes

Vietnam stock market opens


CB close down due to financial meltdown.
IF Consulting is founded as a LLC

– STOP Financial planning
– FOCUS on Insurance for Expatriates. SARS outbreak comes as a boost to business.
– Recruit more International consultants to service clients worldwide as Expatriates come and relocate.


Feb-2003: SARS respiratory syndrome outbreak in Vietnam. Medical insurance in Vietnam booms!


Vietnam grants non-life business licenses to foreign insurers. New products and new markets open.


Open Hanoi office
– Foreign presence increase, all assets need insurance.
– IFC develops on growing needs on employee medical/accident benefits in Asia (China) and worldwide

Vietnam stock market attracts foreign investment funds. China attracts even more talents and capital.

Stock Markets melt down

IFC incorporate as a Joint-Stock company to destined to consulting partners and financial investors.

2008-2011 subprime mortgage lending crisis. Too much lending to poor people.

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2010 IFC opens its French/Europe desk for expatriates in Europe and French clients top-up products.

2011-today Eurozone debt crisis.

Too much lending to poor countries

IFC develops a new web-based platform focusing on client servicing worldwide…
Towards a GLOCAL company.
Global reach and servicing standards. Local servicing and value offers.