Healthcare & Insurance for expats in Asia

We provide professional and personalized insurance advice based on proven experience of insurers claims refund practice.


We see ourselves as Ethical and knowledgeable health and general insurance advisors. As a new market in SE Asia, all kinds of insurers have appeared. We provide professional and personalized advice based on proven experience of their claims refund practice.

Expat Insurance in Vietnam






Healthcare & Insurance Experts in Vietnam and SE Asia

As an expat relocating or an Employer in Vietnam, expert insurance advice is needed.

Offshore and in Asia health insurance is under regulated

Health & General insurance are new and largely unregulated. The main difference with international health insurers is they are regulated by insurance laws; any abusive practice, the clients can lodge à official complaint to the ombudsman or regulatory body that can be penalized or suspend the insurer’s business license.

In developing Asia countries, how can you “get what you pay for”? Health and general insurance sector is so new and unregulated by law. Reliable information on hospitals and medical specialists is difficult to find.

How to select a suitable health or general insurance like a professional broker?

In Vietnam, we witness all too often expat asking for recommendations for the best medical insurance plan on Facebook groups. This simply does not work because most insured members will never have the experience of the big bad denied claim of a costly cancer treatment bill.

As experienced broker agents in Vietnam – Asia since 1994, every year we screen the best in class insurer for Vietnam residents on 5 insurance professionals criteria.

Performance benefits coverage
Affordable Price

Based on those criteria, you can trust you get value-for-money: the best insurance for cheap.