Expat Group Health
Insurance Scheme

When selecting an international group health insurance plan, the main consideration are HR policy and legal compliance, employee benefits and the flexibility as expatriate come and go.

Employee health insurance group discounts

When forming a group health insurance plan, the Human resource strategy, flexibility and budget are the most important criteria. We can help you make the right choice thanks to our long experience in Vietnam insurers.

How to select the best Company health insurance plan?

We start with Company HR policy and strategic needs to define the employee benefits. The most difficult is to match company needs with the employee and family needs whilst negotiating the best group price to stay within the company budget. Reliable health insurer: Headquarters, Company, HR, Vietnam laws. Starting 3 employees, group health insurance plans attract discounts starting -15%. To select the best health insurance, we use our 5 professionals criteria, applied to corporate needs, legal compliance and HR strategic needs to advise clients.

Reliable health insurer in Vietnam

The Vietnam laws stipulate that employers are responsible for their employees medical costs for illness or accident. Registering to DHXH is compulsory for any employee, as you register the employee to the MOLISA Ministry of Labor.

It gives you access to the nearest designated Vietnamese public hospital. With the very low level of public healthcare for Vietnamese people, most companies purchase private medical insurance, life and disability protection for Expat and management teams.

Corporations buy private health coverage to access the few private international standard hospitals and clinics, but also to get evacuation and treatment to Thailand or Singapore where centers of excellence exist for neuro-surgery, cardio–vascular diseases, cancer oncology, virology, blood bank…

Doing so they can comply with the law and with the head office corporate practice. Most Expatriates would not use the local hospitals as standards are not international, best practices are not common but also due to the Vietnamese barrier language, most Vietnamese doctors can not speak English or any other language.

When purchasing for Vietnamese employees, companies aim to attract and retain the best employees, most companies will purchase the same level of health coverage as they do at their headquarters.

The Vietnam talent recruitment market, in the services industry and managers role in factories, is very competitive, especially in the search of international level Vietnamese knowledge worker. Private medical insurance has been so far an excellent employee benefit to retain international players with a sense or pride to be able to access international hospitals all over Vietnam. Direct billing has been an additional features for staff retention.

Of course not all is available in Vietnam at the same limits and same guarantees as there are no specific insurance laws to protect the insured members. In addition, every year, with comers and leavers in the young insurance industry, you can use a professional broker can keep you updated on the best-in-class insurer and practices, it’s free as the broker is paid an introduction fee by the selected insurer.

Corporate Strategies for Health Coverage

The corporate strategy and budget needs to match employees (and  their dependents) needs to optimize benefit cover to make the right selection for both.


There are many ways we help our corporate clients get the most for their dollar, like: negotiating exclusions, selecting the must-have from must-have benefits, adding the benefits your employee feel they need, removing the ones HR strategy see unfit. 


There are new ‘state-of-the-art’ features of modern plans that protects employees better like MHD Medical History Disregarded or plan individualization if employee quit to make sure employees or dependent are fully covered -without exclusions- whether as comer or leavers 

New group medical schemes are becoming more and more flexible. We can arrange subgroups, add benefits, options like yearly check-up, dental, pregnancy, but also take out unuseful benefits or lower limits that may be too high in Vietnam, put copayments or deductibles to get cheaper rates etc…


The benefit is your company pays only for what is needed. No over coverage.

For companies there are many ways to get cheaper rates. With experience here are a non-exhaustive list of professional brokers practices: 

– Trimming useless benefits your employees will never use

– Negotiating discounts on group average age, gender, citizenship

– Splitting in subgroups 

– Local Vietnam treatments, Asean or international treatment habits

– Reducing limits

– Eductibles, co-payments

– Claims ratio

– Profit-sharing when claims are low

The best is to arrange a cashless service where hospitals have direct billing agreements with the insurer so your employees are not out of pocket. Of course, some monitoring of costs needs to be done by the employee first -avoid overcharging or too many abusive tests or imaging-, then by the insurer. Based on your location and your employees habits for treatment clinics, whether in Asia or worldwide, we will select the insurer with the largest choice of clinics your team uses.


We also help the problem of red invoice or premium payment inside or outside of Vietnam.

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.