We Select the Best Health Insurers for Expats and Vietnam Residents

Every year, we rate the best insurers to give our clients peace-of-mind.

We screen insurers and select the best year after year based on 3 types of changes

When you relocate to Vietnam, you want the guarantee that your health insurer will pay your hospital bills in Asia and worldwide. We select professionally our insurance partners so you and us have peace-of-mind for any claim refund.

Choosing a good health insurer needs a professional broker selection criteria

Insurers come and go, prices goes up due to ‘medical inflation’ and hospital treatment costs at 11%/ year. Professional selection of the best and competitive insurers is a full time job. We use 5 criterias:
SECURITY in case of serious illness and a huge hospital bill foreseeable over the years, we look at who will pay the bill, who are their underwriters but also who is their regulator or by which laws they must abide by?
BENEFITS coverage and limits are what is on offer in your insurance; it should reflect a market practice, sufficient and comprehensive so you are not at risk of a loophole
FLEXIBILITY most expatriates need flexibility to taylormade their health insurance individual family coverage. Not all medical insurer are equal some are more flexible than others in benefits, each family member needs, area of cover
CHEAPER PRICES are dependent on the insurer’s strategy and the overall claims of clients. We understand who is using which strategy to keep insurance premiums affordable in a sustainable and ethical way
ADMINISTRATION is very important for convenience and speed of insurance claims refund

The best and competitive insurers in Vietnam

Every year insurers will change their benefits, policy wording, new products, discount features. Our team of consultants are updated.

There are comers and leavers insurers, we review them all. Sometimes, our clients find better insurance solutions. We adopt them.

Some of the changes downgrade insurers from best-in-class to worse. We then take them out of the best insurers list. Your peace of mind and ours are our mutual best interest.

We are regularly asked: what is the difference between a broker and an insurer? The insurer has only 1 product, he makes money by selling high prices and refunding the least. On the contrary broker agents make money by retaining our clients with the best value-for-money insurance product year after year. The price depends on age brackets and also on the claims experience in their portfolio. Some insurers keep prices low as they increase premiums individually based on claims experience, getting rid of members with high claims ratio. In some countries, like Vietnam, it is unfair but legal. We inform our clients on what to expect from which insurer.

insurance in Asia

Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.