Happy Clients – Their testimonials

Our clients are happy for various reasons and

aspects of our services. Not all is perfect, but we are committed to do something about imperfect situations.

With 91%+ loyalty and increasing referrals, we have had to develop a specific web-based LOYALTY & REFERRAL PROGRAM to manage points, gifts and discount to our clients called www.tip4tips.com. Enroll, help us and get rewarded.

" When getting advice from IF Consulting back in 2007, we selected an Aetna International plan, reliable and properly regulated, with worldwide cover and UDS$1.6Mn limit/year. That proved an excellent choice as unfortunately, a terrible illness hit me and my treatment costs refund by Aetna is well over 1.5Mn US$ and mounting. "

Nicklas C., Swedish, age 46, Founder of Bucketman

" My family and I have been very happy with the personal service we have received from Insurance in Asia’s consultants. "

Craig Jackson and family. General manager Alfrescos group Vietnam

" My wife recently had to have surgery. Usual anxiety. Will the operation be successful? Will the healthcare policy cover the cost? etc. I’m pleased to say that not only were Insurance in Asia supportive and caring, the full cost was paid by the insurer without any fuss or hesitation whatsoever. "

Robert Kitchingman, age 68, British

" Dear Pascal, We love using your service. “For almost 10 years, I have been overwhelmingly impressed with Insurance in Asia’s advisors always selecting the best value-for-money insurance plans as our family’s needs and budget evolved from newcomers to Vietnam to a family of 4. "

Erik Vian, age 41, Managing Director at VK Architects & Engineers

" Insurance in Asia gave us valuable knowledge on clinics and hospitals in Vietnam but also they have been helping us getting the best of our insurance plan with regards to claims towards the full value of our benefits. "

Suzanne Vian, age 42, Yoga instructor

" We purchased a high-end insurance through Insurance in Asia. In 2007, at birth my daughter went into a coma upon delivery at the International hospital, they could not do anything but rushing her to the local hospital for premature babies. They said they could help revive her, I knew they could not and in despair, I ordered an evacuation for Singapore Woman and child hospital. A full 35,000$ evacuation was denied for no pre-authorization. During a long 2 years battling the Uk insurer our of here, Pascal, director at insurance in Asia helped us recoup the full amount. Surprisingly the service was free when I was ready to pay big for a lawyer in the first place! "

Alan and Nadia family, age 52, Switzerland

" Insurance in Asia negotiated for my family a worrisome exclusion to be waived from our policy. Now I feel safe in knowing everything concerning our health is fully covered. "

Jonah Levey, Chairman & Founder Navigos Group (www.vietnamworks.com)

" As an expatriate living in Asia, finding the right medical insurance is critical. It can be confusing, written it in language that isn’t easy to compare if you are getting the right type of coverage that protects you in a medical emergency let alone understanding the deductibles and the sum total of what it actually costs to own that insurance. "

Mark Khan, age 52, American, business owner.

" As a human resource professional, it is convenient to be able to rely on insurance specialists who would deal with selecting the right policy, negotiating benefits and discounts while finding the best products to accommodate expatriates and Vietnamese individual requirements in all confidentiality. "

Le Hai Quynh, HR Manager, Navigos Group Vietnam