Vietnam Compulsory Car and
Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike or car insurance are compulsory in Vietnam. Most Expat driving or renting a car assume wrongly that the owner has purchased suitable vehicle insurance. Some don't know motor insurance is required or the car insurance is invalid or not suitable.

In Vietnam car and motorbike insurance are compulsory

Expatriates assume wrongly that their car or motorbike insurance is suitable and valid. In fact, most owners ‘forget’ to renew or just buy the very limited compulsory car insurance paying out only $4300 for bodily injury or material damages.

Compulsory car or motor insurance are not valid for Expat needs and standards

Expat relocating to Vietnam, assume wrongly that the compulsory car insurance is protective enough.
Expatriates wrongly assume that their car or motor insurance is valid. Most owners or chauffeurs ‘forget’ to renew or just buy the very limited compulsory car insurance paying out only $4300 for bodily injury or material damages.
What you need to know is the compulsory insurance is cheap at VND66,000 ($3) for à motorbike or VND480,000/ year ($20)for à car; at this cheap the limit of coverage is VND100,000,000/ case ($4300/ injury or damage). Bodily injury or material damage to another car will cost more thus you are soon out of pocket.

Notwithstanding the owners only care for the purchase for the value of the car and no passenger cover.

The compulsory car or motor insurance is not enough: limit is $4300/ injury or material damage. Voluntary insurance top-up is needed

The 3rd party vehicle insurance in Vietnam, whether car or motorbike is limited to $4,300 in aggregate for bodily injury or material damage to another vehicle. This is largely insufficient.

- Cover for additional driver
- 3rd party top-up cover for material damage and bodily injuries
- Life and medical costs for driver and passengers
- Car value for original parts
- Cover for flooded cars
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Car insurance in Vietnam

One size fits all is not applicable in the car insurance market. Each insurer is specialized and maintain a reputation in one segment of the market; new cars, luxury cars or mainstream used cars. Some use their network of garage to reduce costs and other let you access the original Makers maintenance network.

With abuses most car insurers will adjust their strategy and claim refund policies to adjust their losses. Our consultants for car insurance review every year, whom applies the best practices

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