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Your Guide to Expat Travel Insurance in Vietnam 2024

What is the best way for expats to buy travel insurance to Vietnam

Planning a trip to Vietnam in 2024? As you sketch out your journey and pack your essentials, don’t overlook the importance of travel insurance. It acts as your financial safeguard against the unpredictable, ensuring peace of mind during your travels. However, understanding travel insurance options can be as complex as predicting the weather.

Does Vietnam require travel insurance for expats and tourists?

The notion of mandatory travel insurance isn’t new for expats and tourists alike. Various countries, particularly in Asia, require travelers to have insurance coverage before entering or transiting through. This policy is enforced at flight check-ins by airlines and immigration authorities, aligning with evolving guidelines set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Travel cancellations remain a major concern, arising from unexpected lockdowns, personal emergencies, or flight delays. In a world where travel uncertainties persist, securing a policy that covers cancellations is crucial, shielding you from potential financial losses.

Health concerns still an issue for travel insurance

Health risks are a constant in the realm of travel insurance. Vietnam’s healthcare facilities, especially outside major cities, may not meet the standards expats are accustomed to. Opting for insurance that covers medical emergencies is vital. Coverage varies, with some policies offering local healthcare access and others including evacuation to international-standard hospitals as needed.

Travel disruptions can be insured

The pandemic highlighted gaps in traditional travel insurance policies, with many insurers limiting coverage or excluding COVID-19-related claims. This shift left travelers exposed to financial risks from trip cancellations, delays, and other interruptions.

Mandated travel insurance

Countries like Vietnam have mandated travel insurance to protect both visitors and their healthcare infrastructure. These policies, often with minimum coverage limits starting at $20,000, are designed to cover significant medical expenses, highlighting the importance of comprehensive insurance coverage for travelers.

Who are the best  travel insurance carriers for Vietnam?

Choosing the right travel insurance carrier is key to ensuring a worry-free stay in Vietnam. Here’s a list of reputable options for various needs, from short visits to long-term stays:

For stays exceeding six months, traditional travel insurance transitions to residency status, highlighting the necessity for expat-specific medical insurance to ensure continuous coverage. For this reason Expat resident workers you will need a Expat private medical insurance as you stay over 183-days.

P.S Always confirm in writing that your insurer recognizes you as a resident for coverage purposes.

Stay informed and cautious of advice from social media groups regarding travel insurance. 


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