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E-guide: How to Review & Save on Health insurance policy


Here are the right questions to ask your insurer and get the answers in writing or in the Terms & Conditions (what you usually call the treacherous fine prints).

For a few hundred dollars per year, you can have peace-of-mind pursuing your professional endeavours in asia, knowing that unexpected  big medical costs will be paid for.

SECURITY: Will the insurer let you down when you reach $100,000+/year?Why not?

  • Is the insurer regulated by insurance laws? Some insurers are pure fakes!
  • Is the regulatory body independent from the insurer?
  • What can be the sanction? Suspension of the business license or just a fine?
  • Is the Insurance regulator a trustworthy country where insurers are reputable?
  • Is the country of regulation protective of consumers?

BENEFITS PERFORMANCE: Are you getting value for money?

  • Are the limits of cover enough year-after-year for serious chronic illness?
  • What are you paying too low or too high to secure those benefits?
  • Will you get what you pay for? Screen the exclusions?
  • Are there waiting periods? 1-month? 1-year? More for standard illness.
  • Are you guaranteed renewal under the same terms?
  • Is your plan portable if you relocate? Or the cover is void?
  • Can you renew after age 60?


  • How is the premium increasing after 5 year, 10 years?
  • How “friendly” is the premium to suit your needs over time when you need maternity, newborn cover, chronic conditions, older age?
  • Is the pricing à ‘bait’ or designed for low cost treatment, one-off accidental?

FLEXIBILITY: Can you customize your health plan to varying circumstances & budget?

  • Can you get mix of plan level within a family?
  • Various areas of treatment?
  • Choose various deductibles?
  • Frequency of payment M-Q-Yearly

ADMINISTRATION: How quick do they pay to the hospital directly?

  • Is the insurer responsive? Do they use a specialist evacuation provider 24/7/365?
  • Will the insurer cash advance regardless of your country of treatment?
  • Can you e-claiming by uploading pictures?
  • Are they connected directly to à network of hospitals for cashless claims?
  • Do they use an app to service you continuously?

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Not only health insurance is different but most general insurance: accident, life, home, travel, office or even car insurance will be different than your past experiences.